Is there a recommended order in which to watch the classes?

Yes there is.
First, if you're new start here:
You can find your library of classes by clicking HERE.
Do not get overwhelmed. This is a learn at your own pace program. 
Here's the recommended order for the classes:

Options 101

Options 201: Vertical and Calendar Spread Essentials

Options 301: Volatility Essentials

High Probability Trading with In/Out Spreads

Guide to Selling High Probability Spreads

Technical Analysis 101

Technical Anaysis 201

Increasing Vertical Spread Probabilities with Technical Analysis

Small Account Options Trading Workshop

Iron Up: Iron Condors for You and Me

Essential Skills for Consistency in Trading

Butterfly's Guide to Weekly Returns Class

Covered Calls: Income Generation for Your Stocks

Guide to Getting Short and Collecting Income

Selling Premium & Managing Risk

Survive and Thrive in Extreme Volatility

The Next Big Short: Risk Twist Spreads

Pairs Trading Class

Futures 101

Day Trading Nasdaq Futures Class

RSI Unleashed

Fractal Energy Trading

Weekly Diagonal Spreads for Consistent Income

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