Why should I go with TheoTrade over other competitors?

First, there are a lot of services out there. The Internet has made it so that anyone with an Internet connection and some sales ability can throw up a website to convince people they're traders (or anything else).  Many of them had one good trade and then sell you a class as if they've come up with a real long term trading strategy.  The truth is many of these so called experts are just showman. They show you only their winning trades, they put on both sides of a trade and show you only the trade that worked, or they take screenshots at only the most convenient times.

Don is the only one out there with 15 years in the brokerage industry who led the entire education team in a $20 billion firm. He was in charge of educating their over 7 million clients. He was the guy this firm sent out to train fund managers and professional investors. TheoTrade has built a team of vetted traders who have a minimum of 15 years of professional trading experience. 

You can either go with the best or imitations that charge much more and give you a lot less.

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